Testes & Scrotum Ultrasound Scan

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Testicular Ultrasound Scan
Private Ultrasound Scan
Price: £125

Book a Testicular Ultrasound Scan

Key Features:

  • Evaluate the testes and scrotum for pathology.
  • Assess for testicular masses, torsion, inflammation, hydrocele, varicocele and other abnormalities
  • Investigate symptoms such as pain, swelling or palpable masses.

Why book a Testes & Scrotum Ultrasound Scan?

  • Experiencing pain: If someone is experiencing sudden onset or ongoing discomfort ultrasounds can help identify the main causes whether acute or chronic.
  • Concerned about swelling or enlargement: Ultrasound can detect signs of any conditions caused by infections or conditions such as hydrocele or varicocele.
  • Fertility assessment: In cases of infertility, a scrotal ultrasound can evaluate abnormalities in the testicles and associated structures that might impact sperm production or function.
  • Post-injury assessment: Following trauma to the scrotal area, ultrasound can assess the extent of injury to the testicles and surrounding structures, identifying hematomas, fractures of the testicular tissue, or other injuries.
  • Lump or mass detection: An ultrasound is the primary diagnostic tool for detecting testicular masses or lumps. It helps distinguish between benign conditions like cysts and potential testicular cancer.
  • Monitoring: For men with known testicular or scrotal conditions, regular ultrasounds may be necessary to monitor the effectiveness of treatment or the progression of the condition.
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Booking a testes and scrotum ultrasound scan can be crucial for diagnosing and evaluating various conditions affecting the testicles and scrotal area. An ultrasound of the testes and scrotum is a non-invasive, painless, and safe procedure that provides real-time images of the internal structure of the testicles and scrotum. This makes it an indispensable diagnostic tool for men presenting with symptoms or conditions affecting the scrotal contents.

In Males & Females
Ultrasound scans of the testes are primarily conducted in males, as the testes are male reproductive organs. These scans are essential for assessing various conditions related to the testicles and scrotum.