Renal, Bladder & Prostate Ultrasound Scan

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RBP Private Ultrasound Scan
Private Ultrasound Scan
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Key Features:

  • Evaluation and detailed assessment of size, shape, position, thickness and symmetry where applicable.
  • Functional assessment and observation such as urine flow and kidney function.
  • Investigate any abnormal symptoms, such as pain, bloating and bleeding.

Why book an RBP Ultrasound Scan?

  • Assessment of Kidney Health: Ultrasound can identify kidney conditions such as stones, cysts, tumours, or structural anomalies.
  • Bladder Health Evaluation: Ultrasound is used to diagnose issues such as bladder stones, tumours, and changes in bladder wall thickness, which may indicate conditions like bladder outflow obstruction.
  • Prostate Examination: Essential for diagnosing conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which can affect urinary function.
  • Symptomatic Investigation: If a patient is experiencing blood in the urine, an ultrasound can help identify the source, whether in the kidneys, bladder, or prostate. Symptoms like increased frequency, urgency, nocturia, weak stream, and incomplete bladder emptying can be evaluated for underlying causes.
  • Preventive Health Care: For men, particularly those over 50 or with risk factors for prostate issues, routine ultrasound scans can help catch potential problems early, facilitating timely intervention.
  • Management of Known Conditions: For patients with known issues such as kidney disease, bladder dysfunction, or chronic prostatitis, regular ultrasounds can monitor the progression and response to treatment.
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A renal, bladder, and prostate ultrasound is a fundamental diagnostic tool in urology and nephrology. It provides essential information about the urinary and reproductive systems, helping in the early detection, diagnosis, and management of various conditions. This type of ultrasound is valued for its safety, non-invasiveness, and ability to provide immediate diagnostic insights.

In Males & Females
A renal, bladder, and prostate ultrasound is primarily designed for males due to the inclusion of the prostate gland, which females do not have. However, renal and bladder ultrasounds are common diagnostic tools for both genders.

Specific to Males
Prostate Ultrasound: This is an essential aspect of the ultrasound for males and includes:
Size and Shape: Helps in diagnosing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate, which can affect urinary function.
Detection of Abnormalities: Identifies potential problems such as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), prostate cancer, or calcifications.
Guidance for Procedures: Ultrasound is often used to guide procedures like prostate biopsies or treatments that target prostate issues.

Specific to Females
While females do not need a prostate scan, the renal and bladder components are just as crucial.
Pelvic Ultrasound: Often conducted alongside or instead of just focusing on the kidneys and bladder, especially if investigating issues like pelvic pain or disorders related to the female reproductive system (such as ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids).

Urinary Tract Evaluation: Similar to males, females are checked for any abnormalities in the urinary tract that could explain symptoms like incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infections, or hematuria.