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Key Features:

A detailed look at the size and shape of:

  • Endometrium (Lining of the womb)
  • Both ovaries with an estimated ovulation window with antral follicle count if required
  • Examination of the pelvic area

Common examples of having this ultrasound scan are the detection and exclusion of:

  • Evaluating the well-being of the uterus 
  • Detailed visualisation of the ovaries is used to conduct a follicle count, as a marker for your fertility, and to rule out PCO.
  • Estimating the time of ovulation window based on dominant follicle measurement.

Our women's health fertility scan is a detailed pelvic examination designed for those who may be considering family planning, struggling to conceive or about to start their fertility journey. This scan can be booked at different points during your cycle, and you may choose to attend up to three times during your menstrual cycle. The timings of your scans will be determined by your own personal cycle, so please speak to your local clinic for more details about when you should book.

Requirements and Limitations
Please note this scan is not suitable for post-menopausal ladies. It is important to understand that this scan does not include cancer screening. If you are already under the care of your local hospital, we advise that your healthcare provider conduct all scans. Depending on your reason for booking, you may be asked to attend at a certain point during your cycle. This scan is available to women over 18 or between 16 and 17 who attend with a responsible adult. Please note this is not a pregnancy scan, and you will be asked to attend an early pregnancy scan if you have received a positive pregnancy test result.