Syphilis (RPR) Blood Test

Syphilis (RPR) Blood Test
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Price: £80
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Key Features:

  • Current Infection Screening
  • Antibody Response
  • Early Detection
  • Transmission Risk Assessment

Why book a Syphilis (RPR) Blood Test?

  • Individuals at risk of syphilis exposure, including those with multiple sexual partners or engaging in unprotected sex.
  • Pregnant women, as syphilis can be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy.
Virology Blood Testing Private Clinics UK
Virology Blood Testing Private Clinics UK

The Syphilis Blood Test (RPR) is a diagnostic tool that employs the rapid plasma reagin method to screen for an ongoing syphilis infection. This test identifies antibodies the body produces in response to a syphilis infection.

In Males & Females
The key reasons why an individual would book this test are similar in both male and females. However, this is particularly important in the case of pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant because  infection during pregnancy as this can be transmitted to the developing fetus.