Rubella (IgG) Blood Test

Rubella (IgG) Blood Test
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Key Features:

  • Antibody Detection
  • Immunity Confirmation
  • Preconception Planning
  • Assists in Assessing the Risk of Complications in Pregnancy

Why book a Rubella (IgG) Blood Test?

  • Planning for pregnancy and wanting to verify immunity to rubella.
    Employment or prospective work in healthcare or other environments where rubella is prevalent, with the aim of confirming immunity.
  • Routine Screening: In some cases, the test may be part of routine screening protocols, especially for certain populations or occupations.
  • Vaccination Status: Can be used to determine whether an individual has been previously vaccinated for rubella.
Virology Blood Testing Private Clinics UK
Virology Blood Testing Private Clinics UK

The Rubella Blood Test (IgG) is designed to detect specific antibodies in the blood related to rubella. The presence of these antibodies signifies that an individual has had a previous rubella infection and has developed immunity to the virus.

In Males & Females
Rubella IgG testing is relevant for both males and females, and the key purposes and considerations are generally similar for both genders. Positive results are reassuring for women planning to become pregnant, indicating a lower risk of rubella-related complications during pregnancy.