Progesterone Blood Test

Progesterone Blood Test
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Key Features:

  • Ovulation Indicator
  • Luteal Phase Support
  • Normal Progesterone Levels
  • Monitoring during pregnancy

Why book a Progesterone Blood Test?

  • Assists in identifying factors contributing to conception challenges.
  • Provides insights for couples planning to expand their family.
  • Offers a comprehensive analysis of fertility hormones for a thorough understanding.
Private Fertility Blood Testing Private Clinics UK
Private Fertility Blood Testing Private Clinics UK

Progesterone, a crucial hormone in the female reproductive system, plays a key role in preparing the body to support a potential pregnancy. It is primarily produced during the second half of the menstrual cycle. Testing progesterone levels approximately 7 days before the expected onset of the next menstrual period is a common practice, as it provides valuable information about ovulation.

In Males & Females
While progesterone is a hormone primarily associated with the female reproductive system, it is also present in low levels in males. The progesterone blood test is more commonly used for reproductive health assessments in females.