Ovarian Cancer Blood Test

CA125 Ovarian Cancer Blood Test
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Key Features:

  • Assess CA125 levels to aid in the diagnosis or exclusion of ovarian cancer.
  • Supports the diagnostic process by providing additional information alongside clinical symptoms.
  • Early detection of ovarian cancer, especially when symptoms may not be apparent.
  • Enhances the ability to identify ovarian cancer at an early stage in post-menopausal women.

Why book a CA125 Ovarian Cancer blood test?

  • Ovarian cancer risk assessment
  • Recommended by a clinician if concerns surrounding ovarian cancer
  • Monitor the effectiveness of ovarian cancer treatment

The CA125 Blood Test measures the level of a specific protein in the blood, known as CA125. Elevated CA125 levels can serve as a potential indicator of ovarian cancer risk. However, it's crucial to note that a raised CA125 level is not a definitive diagnosis, and further investigation is necessary.

In Males & Females
While CA125 testing is more commonly used in females for ovarian cancer monitoring, it can also be relevant in certain contexts for males with specific types of cancer. In females, CA125 testing may be part of routine monitoring for ovarian cancer in individuals at high risk or for those who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer previously. In males, CA125 testing may be ordered by healthcare providers in specific clinical scenarios where it is deemed relevant for monitoring cancer progression or treatment response.