Bone Screen

Bone Health Blood Test
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Price: £130
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Key Features:

  • Evaluates mineral levels crucial for bone density and strength.
  • Analyses proteins integral to bone health and development.
  • Examines enzymes associated with bone metabolism for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Helps identify potential risks related to various bone disorders.
  • Acknowledges the natural weakening of bones with age, offering insights for proactive health management.

Why book a Bone Health blood test?

  • Individuals who are interested in determining their bones' overall health, especially as they age.
  • Those proactive about managing bone health through preventive measures.
  • Individuals seeking to check for indications of specific bone conditions such as osteoporosis, Paget’s disease of bone, and bone cancer.
  • Individuals whose healthcare providers have specifically recommended this test.
  • Those undergoing routine check-ups or addressing specific health concerns related to bone health.

This blood test meticulously analyses the minerals, proteins, and enzymes present in your bones, offering valuable insights into the health and development of your bone structure. By assessing these components, it becomes a powerful tool for identifying potential risks associated with various bone disorders. Recognizing that bones naturally weaken with age, this test plays a crucial role in proactively managing and understanding their impact on overall health.

**Please note that this blood test does not include urine analysis.

In Males & Females
For females, this is especially relevant for women after menopause due to the increased risk of osteoporosis. If pregnant or breastfeeding, monitor bone health during periods of increased demand. For males, this is particularly relevant for older males, as bone density naturally decreases with age. Also, assess the impact on bone health, as low testosterone levels can affect bone density.